Map details

MapnameSecond Stab
Filename cpmctf1.bsp [ readme ]
Author swelt
Modification Team Arena Challenge Pro Mode Arena
Game type ctf Capture the flag
Maximum count of players 32
Weapons sg rl lg rg pg
Items ra ya sa health largeh mega smallh quad regen ga
Functions door button moving w lava
Defrag online records q3df fastcaps
Defrag racing
Defrag demos Speedcapture
Release date
Pk3 file map_cpmctf1.pk3 [ Report ]
File size 4.27 MB
Checksum MD5: 9ff9bab4e7b5e3dd3e852f3513f9fd2f
Map dependencies (3) Textures: {Quake III: Arena} {Team Arena} alliance_maps05

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