Quake 3 Arena Font Builder

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This is an experimental HTML5 page that helps you to create an image that is used as a font in game.

The workspace image is going to be your font replacement for quake (bigchars.tga). If it is black click on reset.

Enter a font name that your browser supports or clear the input to see font name suggestions.

Copy image to workspace:

Character image:

Unused middle characters:

Unused bottom characters:


Drag the character image and drop it on the workspace, use the position to place it or drag and drop any image with workspace character size resolution on the workspace.


When you have made your changes you create the pk3 file and place it into baseq3/zzz-font-verdana.pk3 or a mod folder like defrag/zzz-font-verdana.pk3.

When the creation of the pk3 file fails you can upload an image. It will be converted to tga and added to a pk3 file.

Convert by hand:

Convert the image to tga yourself and name it bigchars.tga. Create a pk3 file with the folder and file gfx/2d/bigchars.tga.