Map details

Mapnamecs_italy for Quake 3
Filename oxodm4.bsp
Author OXOTHuK
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  • 4.57
Modification Challenge Pro Mode Arena
Game type ffa Free For All
Maximum count of players 20
tdm Team Deathmatch
Maximum count of players 20
Weapons sg gl rl lg rg pg bfg
Items ra ya sa enviro flight haste health largeh mega smallh quad regen medkit ptele ga
Bots Hunter Major Xaero
Release date
Pk3 file map_oxodm4.pk3 [ Report ]
File size 7.41 MB
Checksum MD5: 073ab42c785ab1b0d2fa4c654625f414
Map dependencies (1) Textures: {Quake III: Arena}

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